Bigg Boss 9: What Salman Khan’s ‘Double Trouble’ possibly means!

Bigg Boss 9 and the first promo is out. Salman Khan looks stellar in the first promo that was launched across all digital platforms on Sunday evening. And like every year, the first promo has dropped a major hint on what the entire season’s concept might be like. And hold your breath, it’s Double Trouble in Bigg Boss this time.

Previously, there were reports that the theme for this edition might be Navrang (nine colours) or Navras (nine emotions). But with the first promo out, all rumours can be put to rest. Does it mean the show might not have such themes at all? Says a source, “No, don’t jump to conclusions. There’re almost eight other promos planned. So you will get to see more of what’s in store.”

According to our sources, the entire Bigg Boss house this year will be painted in 9 colours that resemble the nine human emotions. Interesting, right? But the first promo has left us wondering what the theme of the season can actually be.

Here are the possible combinations that fit in the ‘Double Trouble’ game that the makers are eyeing for this season.

Couples only?
One of the biggest idea that pops up, after doing little permutation and combination is that the makers might be roping in real-life couples to be a part of the show this season. Yes, like they had Tanaaz Irani and Bakhtyar Irani in Bigg Boss 3 and Apurva Agnihotri and Shilpa Agnihotri in Bigg Boss 7, this time, the channel might have only couples competing against each other on the show. It sounds like a logical explanation of the double trouble game as well. Maybe 14 on-screen and off screen couples might be roped in for BB 9 this year.

Act as Couples?
Another possible breakdown can be getting over 20 contestants and asking them to participate in the daily tasks, including the household chore as well as the nomination processes as couples. Imagine if Bigg Boss paired someone like Radhe Maa with Gaurav Gera or maybe have the on-screen couple Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor eating their heads out on national television?

Seems like a crazy idea but when it’s crazy, you know this is a huge possibility as well. After all, it’s Bigg Boss. Also, in the ninth edition of Big Brother in US (the show Bigg Boss is inspired from), the main twist saw the contestants competing as couples for the first three weeks. Now, you know why we said this!

Not a permanent thing?
Remember how BB8 was promoted with the concept of an airplane. And we all know that the makers quickly changed their plans and moved the contestants inside the actual BB house in about two weeks. The twist in the US Big Brother edition too lasted for only three weeks, after which the couples were told that they could play as individuals.

Power Couple Twist?
Along with a number of twists, Big Brother had something which they called the ‘Power Couple Twist’. It was here that the winners of this title, usually a couple, were given the power to evict another couple from the house straightaway.

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Although no official confirmations have come in yet, the possibilities have already got us excited. If you ask me, I will rather choose the ‘Act as Couples’ option because that will make it even more random and a lot spicier, especially because the channels will definitely make unusual pairs to add to the TRPs. So not only will the trouble arise with other couples, the trouble might arise within a couple as well. That’s ‘Double Trouble’ indeed!

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