Bigg Boss 9: Things you didn’t know about the new house contestants would be entering tonight!

It’s that time of the year again and Bigg Boss is all set to roll with its ninth edition airing tonight. While anticipation and excitement levels have sky-rocketed, we bring you some exclusive pictures from the Bigg Boss 9 house where we spent a few hours before the contestants are locked in for the next 100 days or so. Colourful and vibrant, the BB9 house is definitely eye catching. Here are the details:

Colour… and More Colour!

Colour… and More Colour

The first thing you’ll notice in the house is the amount of colour used everywhere. From neons to the fluorescent ones, the lighter and the darker shades- almost everything has been done to make it the most colourful set ever in the last nine seasons of the show. Adds designer Deepak Dhar, “The idea was to do something very bright and outlandish Every little corner and the rooms have been differently designed Though the entire look gives out a Mediterranean vibe, it leads up to double trouble as a concept. We try to do something very different each time and this time too, we had the same thing in mind.”

Double Trouble!

Double Trouble

As far as this year’s theme goes, everything in the house is evened out. Double the trouble means double the fun. And it also means that the set designers, like always, designed the house keeping the core theme in mind. So there are double chairs at the dining table. And there are double beds in the bedroom. Albeit, this time, all of them are double beds, designed as two stairs, one upar and the other niche. “Everything has been designed according to the concept of the show which is double trouble.

So there are double beds, double chairs, double sofas- everything is in pairs,” explains Dhar. Are there more elements of double trouble? “Some things are better left unsaid. To know what else is double trouble, you have to wait and see the choice of the cast that goes inside the house. Salman captains the show day on day, week on week. So once the show stars, he will be able to take you through the right path to know what all has been planned in the creative.”

Garden Area:

Garden Area

There’s a lot of green in the garden area and it’s not just the carpet area we’re referring to. The overhead areas too have a lot of green. Plus, there are special additions too. Seven double seats covered with artificial grass for group meetings, a swimming pool like other seasons, and there’s Jaspreet, the possible future teller who will be interacting with the contestants at some given point on the show. “These are just little additions which we’ve planned. The garden area has been done up in a way that it gives out a more natural vibe. So there’s green all around.”

Rooftop Lounge

Rooftop Lounge

The biggest surprise addition comes in the form of a rooftop lounge. Yes, there’s a corner just above the garden area, meant exclusively for contestants for a private chit-chat. “For a few of the contestants at some point of time in the show, there will be a different arrangement for which the lounge has been made. This will give them a bird’s eye view. So it links to the creative within that week,” reveals the designer

The bedroom has 14 beds in seven pairs (one upar, one niche like we mentioned earlier) and a neon pink sofa that’s so bright that your eyes can never ignore it when you enter the room. Again, a lot of colour. “We kept it colourful and vibrant this time. That was the only idea behind the bedroom setting,” chips in Dhar.

We noticed one more thing. Just above the bedroom entrance, there’s painting which shows a guy getting kissed by a girl. Does this mean they will show uncensored lovemaking this time? You never know. After all, the show has shifted its timing from prime time 9pm to a more convenient 10.30pm slot.

No captain’s room!
No captain’s room

Previously, there have always been special rooms made for captain. But this time, all that the captain will get is a huge white single couch place right at the entrance to the bedroom. “There’s a corner for the captain and not a room. We felt that the Captain should be at an arm’s length and captain’s room has been done already so many times. There’s a big chair in the bedroom where the captain will sit after being elected. That’s exclusively for him.”

A Fairytale Bathroom Zone!
A Fairytale Bathroom Zone

Dominated by red and golden, the bathroom can be defined in just two words. Royal and majestic. We love the way the entire bathroom area has been given a fairy-tale set up with a lot of vintage mirrors. There’re sinhasans as well inside the bathroom area and for once, you feel as if you’ve entered this imaginary kingdom and not the Bigg Boss house.

Living room

Living room

The largest area in the house- the living room- too is very well designed. With a cosy corner that has a small bed beside the glass window that separates the living room from the garden, the interiors have again been done up with a lot of colour. There are two blue couches facing the TV screen but what instantly catches the attention is how the wall (behind the TV) has been designed with cut outs of luggage bags. Also, the wall near the dining area too has a special design. Old fashioned TVs used in the ‘80s and ‘90s fill in the voids on the wall!


There are clocks this time in the Bigg Boss house. No, it’s not what you think! There are clocks drawn on different walls of the house. And what’s the time drawn on them? You guessed it right! 10:30- the new time slot Bigg Boss will air this year!

Lights galore…
Lights galore
Another huge difference between the BB9 house and the houses of the other editions is the way it’s been lit up. There are source lights, lighting up every nook and corner of the house. There are bulbs, there are chandeliers, there are candles all around. Also, there’re a lot of mirrors, similar to what the actors use in their make-up rooms- ones with a lot of light-bulbs around. What we love?

The way the designers have used CFCs inside bulbs which they have specially designed. Also, the balloon-bulbs arrangement inside the bedroom catch fancy. “The idea was to not have a more flat lighting coming from outside but to have a more homely feeling with a lot of source lights. It makes it feel more like a home than a set. Like in our houses, we use lampshades and all. Similarly, the idea was to make it feel more like our houses. As a result of this, we had a lot more bulbs and we put them in different manners in different corners of the house,” explains our set designer.

That’s not the end!
That’s not the end

If these pictures are anything to go by, the Bigg Boss 9 house is definitely a grand spectacle that has been designed with a lot of creativity and imagination, keeping the concept in mind. But that’s not all. There are interesting revelations and surprises that will open up in due course on the show, reveals our designer.

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“What you have just seen is not the entire thing. There’s a lot behind this. It will all open up week up. There are a lot of elements within the format, all the double trouble elements will open up. There will be about 4-5 new things which will keep happening within the show. Right now what you have seen is just the packaging. Once you open the packaging, a lot more will be revealed.”

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