Bigg Boss 9 Synopsis Day 15:It’s time to break out of groups and explore individuality!

This weekend, Salman Khan was seen bursting the bubble of the contestants by showing them the real side and how they are being percieved outside. This creates ripples insides the Bigg Boss house and also affects housemates’ interpersonal relationship to some extent.

Aman is seen discussing the ‘trio’ Suyyash, Kishwer and Prince who are ganging up against the rest of the house. Meanwhile, Vikas breaks down after he gets a surprise letter from his wife as a birthday gift. Next day, the housemates wake up to the peppy number ‘Dill Bole Shik Dum’ and for the first time ever Rimi is seen joining in the morning dance ritual.

Kishwer and Prince are seen discussing how Rochelle and Mandana appeared disappointed when Rimi received ‘Ticket to Finale’. Kishwer also feels that Mandana has started aping Rimi’s mannerisms in the hope of becoming everyone’s favorite when she keeps saying ‘Mujhe Ghar Jana Hai’. Third week into the show, the housemates are now beginning to explore their individuality by voicing their opinions and standing up for themselves.

Rochelle apologizes to Yuvika for calling her fake. Mandana snaps at Prince when he asks her to clean-up the mess after she finishes the work. Agitated by Mandana’s comment, Prince gets Kishwer and Yuvika to his side and convinces them speak up against people who try to showcase them in a bad light. Prince is also seen avoiding any conversation with Mandana.

Later in the day, the contestants gather in the nominations procedure. This time, they have to nominate contestants who have contributed least to the luxury budget task. Bigg Boss reiterates that Mandana and Keith are already nominated because as they were chosen to be the worst performers.

Unaffected by nominations, Keith rejoices the moment that he is spending with Rochelle and is soon seen singing the song ‘Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mei Bandh Ho’. Further Mandana feels guilty mistreating Prince and approaches him to sort out the differences. As a captain, Kishwer is unhappy with Mandana’s less participation in household work and confronts her about the same.

Mandana expresses her desire of breaking the unity between Prince, Suyyash and Kishwer as their groupism is majorly affecting the game. Before the day comes to an end, Bigg Boss introduces an interesting activity where the contestants get to understand their fate (Bhavishyavani) from Bigg Boss Baba.

But this opportunity was only given to the contestants who are not nominated. The Bhavishyavani task has a visible impact on the housemates as they get a reality check and also some guidance from Bigg Boss. The contestants go to bed with several thoughts lingering around in their heads.

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It will be interesting if the contestants will finally coming out of their shell of pretense and follow their instincts in the third week of Bigg Boss Nau.

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