Bigg Boss 9: Rimi Sen, Baba and a real prince

Rimi can cry, complain and refuse to perform the tasks in the Bigg Boss house, but the fact remains that she has a strong fan following that votes by the dozen, which will prevent her from leaving the house any time soon. In an effort to cheer up the actor, who has been whining about mental stress for quite some time now, Bigg Boss even played her hit song “Dil bole shik doom” as the morning alarm.

Rimi reluctantly joined the rest of the contestants in dancing and through her rusty dance moves reminded the viewers that she was still the old star that had boys running after her in slapstick comedies. As the Nomination Day proceeded, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to nominate two contestants who put in the least effort towards their duties in the house.

As Mandana and Keith were already nominated, the contestants had to choose from the rest. One would think that Rimi’s plea to return home would be heeded by her housemates, however, they had unsurprisingly nominated Arvind and Digangana as those with little or no significance in the house. A decision by Captain Kishwar brought Rimi back to the nominated zone.

Perhaps, the most eventful part of the day is when Bigg Boss introduced us to another member of the house, Bigg Boss Baba. The Baba claims to be all knowing, clairvoyant seer who will from now on will make an appearance regularly on the show and guide the contestants towards the right path. While he had sound advice (mostly to be independent and strong players), he also dropped hints of an approaching task that will test each contestant differently.

The Bigg Boss Babaji also had video messages from the families of Suyyash and Prince.
While Suyyash became emotional after seeing his sister’s message, Prince on the other hand became visibly intense. It seems that Prince thought that Babaji’s was indeed a cosmic voice that had come to reveal the path to winning Bigg Boss.

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He took the advice to his heart so much so that he declared that from now we would see another side of him, the true Prince, the Roadies winner and the one who his fans would be proud of. He then, went to each contestant and said, rather warned them, that he is a player and he will reveal another dimension of his personality. Well, we hope we get to see this “Real Prince” soon.

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