Bigg Boss 9: OMG Rochelle Rao Gets Cosy With Keith Sequeira Outside Bathroom

The contestants have already passed 5 days in ‘Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble’ house with Salman Khan as a host. Its just a start and the contestants have already started forming bonds with each other while some are still trying to comfort themselves still.
The contestants are tying hard to win ‘Bigg Boss 9′ title and with the first week coming to a close, the two jodis were swapped by exchanging their partners so now you will see Rimi and Rochelle together, while Suyyash will be seen with Prince.

Also as ‘Bigg Boss’ house is known for the controversies, somewhere in the corner of the house there is something cooking which nobody is aware about. Keith, Rochelle and Mandana are surely gaining lot of attention by their love triangle instance. The closeness between Mandana-Keith is clearly visible and moreover Keith’s lady love Rochelle is getting insecure about it.

Time and again Rochelle is trying to keep her boyfriend Keith close to her, as she is insecure about Keith and Mandana’s close friendship. But not leaving a chance, this morning Rochelle was seen cuddling and sitting on the lap of Keith in the washroom area while Mandana was present there.

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Well, we wonder where their love fortune is going to take this couple in the journey of ‘Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble’. The game has just begun, we say its long way to go with more twists and turns. It seems something is already cooking and is going to be big yet louder than you must have imagined, we assume. Stay tuned to to catch Exclusive updates on ‘Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble’!

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