Bigg Boss 9 New Promos: Salman Khan Takes Double Trouble A Notch Up!

After releasing the first promo, ‘Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble’ has come up with two more promos, which are quite interesting and surely increases the curiosity to know more about the show.

Both the new promos showcase how the contestants would be facing trouble while carrying their day-to-day life routine in the show. Sounds weird right? But as we said, Bigg Boss comes with twists and turns we assume that the contestants would be tied up to each other in couple. From eating to wearing make up, it seems the contestants have to struggle and depend on each other.

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Well, the recent two promos have surely hint the concept of the show, and that the show wouldn’t be easy for the contestants as it is doubled with trouble. Now that the show is nearing up to commence and we can hardly wait to catch the first look of the brand new ‘Bigg Boss 9′ house with Salman Khan as a host.

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