Bigg Boss 9: Keith hit with shoes, Digangana attacked with ice buckets

Bigg Boss is a game that only gets weirder with time. On Thursday’s episode, Bigg Boss introduces yet another absurd task wherein a baby has been placed in a cradle in the activity area of the house.

Prince is then asked to choose one contestant for each part of the task. As part of the task, Mandana’s pain threshold and patience will be tested as Prince hits her chin with the elastic band of a birthday hat that she is made to wear. In the second part, Digangana is made to face bucket-fulls of ice being poured on her head.

And the task is, the contestants are supposed to bear with all the weird actions, without letting making any noise – they can’t shout, speak or scream as they cannot wake up the baby. The housemates are only allowed to talk after the activity is over.

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Yuvika is asked to wax Suyyash’s legs as second part of the task. In the third part, Keith is asked to sit in the squats position in front of a large wheel. Another contestant will then turn the wheel, which also has a shoe attached, hitting Keith in his back! As part of the task, Rochelle and Vikas are also asked to place their faces on a tennis table even as a small girl plays on it with a few balls!

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Earlier in the day, Keith has a candid chat with Prince and tells him that he will always be by his side even if the rest of the house goes against him. Proving to be a pillar of strength for Prince, Keith also tells him that he considers Prince his ‘younger brother’.

On the other hand, Prince is seen sorting out his differences with ‘sister’ Kishwer. Clearing the air, Kishwer tells Prince that it was unfair of him to accuse her of being biased towards Suyyash. Prince tells her that they share a great bond and his tiff with Suyyash should not affect their friendship.

Upset with Mandana’s indifferent attitude, Rochelle cries out to her in front of Keith. She says Mandana has changed overnight and is now not even acknowledging her presence. Keith tells her that although she is right, this is only going to last for a few months and soon they will be back to their normal life.

Bigg Boss Nau contestant Rimi Sen

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Meanwhile, Rimi (who has been almost invisible so far) seems to be opening up a bit. She tells Mandana and Yuvika that she has only had one relationship in her life. Rimi further adds that she is not thinking about her love life. Suyyash declares that Rimi is certainly going to win the game.

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