Bigg Boss 9: Has Salman Khan’s advice worked for Rimi Sen?

Rimi Sen can beat the most boring contestants ever on Bigg Boss. Especially when it comes to being one of the most inactive contestants ever in the history of Bigg Boss. Ever since BB9 went on air, Rimi has hardly shown any interest in the game and she’s only been wanting to come out of the house. Things have now started to change.

Rimi who broke down last night after Salman’s prank on her, where the host gave her a ticket to the finale and told her that she has been chosen to be the first finalist on the show and will now be safe from all evictions till the grand finale, was at the receiving end of a lecture by Salman.

Why? Rimi started crying, explaining that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for her to stay inside the house and that she desperately wants to get out of the environment.

It was then that her Kyon Ki co-star intervened and advised her to be strong on the show. Salman made sure that he instils a little bit of enthusiasm and excitement in Rimi because she never had the spunk from day one. She seemed disinterested from the first day and Salman wants her to turn tables around. And it seems his 10 minute lecture has worked for Rimi.

In Monday’s episode, Rimi, who usually stays quiet in her bed even when the entire house dances around to the wake up call, was seen dancing to her own song. Bigg Boss played Dilbar Shikdum from Dhoom as the wake up alarm on Monday and Rimi just got up and danced like never before.

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The contestants too gathered around the Bong beauty and told her that they would follow her footsteps. While Rimi admitted that she’s forgotten the original steps, she lead the entire team and grooved to the dance track. Guess Salman’s two cents have paid off for our Hungama actress!

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