Bigg Boss 9, Day 9: Is Mandana treating Keith like a dog?

Well that’s what the actor is suggesting! Mandana and Keith, who have been getting close as a jodi, are finally set to have a big showdown and it seems that the Bigg Boss heat is finally on. Many fights have broken out in the house already, but in past few days the frequency of fights has only increased.

While Keith and Mandana started out on a good foot and came so close to one another that Keith’s girlfriend Rochelle had problems, now it seems that problems are brewing between the partners. On day 9, Keith’s patience finally broke and he bursted about how he feels when Mandana drags him in and around the house.

Keith was seen confronting Mandana and telling her straight in the face that he hates the fact that he is being dragged by her anywhere she wants. He even said that he feels pathetic when she always hands him her sipper and further added that he feels like a dog sometimes.

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Well, that’s a nasty thing to say to someone who you are tied to you for 24 hours a day! Looks like Prince and Suyyash are turning out to be the soothsayers. Remember in the last episode, the two were discussing the same. Will this change things around the Bigg Boss house?

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