Bigg Boss 9, Day 9: Guess who is stopping Rochelle from winning?

If there is one thing that is obvious in Bigg Boss 9 so far, then it is that Rimi Sen wanting/yearning/ longing to leave the show from Day 1. Her attitude towards the tasks given to her has been absolutely disregardful towards the conduct of the show.

Her partner Suyyash was frustrated with her and now it seems Rochelle has too is fed up. I heard as Rochelle and Keith got some time to talk alone and discuss a few plans, while Rimi and Mandana used the bathrooms. During this moment, Rochelle spilt the beans about Rimi.

She told Keith that Rimi was trying to pull her back and this was hampering her chances of becoming a strong contestant. Rochelle, who also desires to become the captain of the house, is not able to prosper because of Rimi’s “ I don’t care” attitude.

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But the big question here is, will she confront Rimi about the problem? Or will this become another one of the back-bitching fiasco queens?

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