Bigg Boss 9, Day 8: Why Rimi Sen wants Bigg Boss to be banned

It’s only Day 8 of Bigg Boss Double Trouble and actress Rimi Sen says she’s already had enough. Furthermore, she says she wants Season 10 of the show to be banned. Rimi just survived an elimination round and despite being a ‘silent spectator’ she provided much-needed comic relief. Rimi is seen chatting with Yuvika, Vikas, Kishwer, Aman and Rochelle, where they ask Rimi questions posing as reporters.

Rimi, who’s already done with the show, says once she is out of the house she won’t ask anyone to participate in it. When one of them asks her what she wishes for Bigg Boss, Rimi quips that ‘Season 10 be banned’. Then, in response to what she would tell her fans in Kolkata, the actress says she will go to each one of them and abuse them for voting for her.

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Rimi, describing her true feelings for the show and Bigg Boss, was the most entertaining part of the episode. Now that she has begun to entertain us we wish she stays in the house for a little bit longer, though she might not like this idea.

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