BIGG BOSS 9: DAY 8- Roopal’s emotional outburst, twisted nominations and some bitterness!

Monday was the day when a lot of emotions took birth, blasted out in the house. Firstly, Roopal was already upset that ex-boyfriend Ankit Gera got evicted. Roopal had an emotional outburst when Ankit left the house.


Roopal also felt guilty that she nominated him for eviction and the housemates consoled her later when he was evicted.

Roopal and Digangana
Looking at Roopal’s condition, even Digangana and Kishwer cannot help themselves but shed a tear or two. Not only them, but Rochelle and Keith also try to make Roopal’s condition better. Prince, Vikas and Yuvika feel bad for Arvind who is missing Ankit badly.

Sshh.. Its personal!
Rochelle and Keith are seen comparing themselves to Suyyash and Kishwer where they discuss that they do not want anyone to interfere in their problems/ issues. They also said that if any problem pops up, they will solve it then and there. Also, Rochelle says that her equation and mental level with Mandana has become better and they now understand each other well. Rochelle also discussed how she was scared that her partnership with Rimi will have her evicted. Keith pacified her and says that being nominated doesn’t mean that she will be evicted.

Roopal and Digangana go bitchy

Roopal and Digangana
As the next day will be a day of nominations, Roopal and Digangana discuss the next day’s nominations with each other. They said Prince is playing a game and he is not the one who can be trusted.

Digangana and Roopal who have an image of a sweet couple think that Prince is over-confident about himself because he is the winner of a lot of reality shows. They also say that he has the ‘I’ factor and thinks he is the best in everything he does. They end up bitch about the entire house and even say that everyone here has not achieved anything significant in their life.

Digangana and Roopal

Next, Mandana, Keith and Rochelle are discussing how the Snapdeal call revolved around the trio and why everyone wants to make a big deal out of Mandana-Keith’s bond. Rochelle also stated that she would not care even if the Mandana and Keith are alone in the pool and that she is not insecure.

Suyyash was upset that Salman called him an ‘angry, young man’ and hence opened up before Digangana about his concern of being projected in the wrong way.


Nominations mein twist
During the nominations, Bigg Boss brings in another twist for the housemates by announcing that the nominated pairs have to decide which one of the pair would finally get nominated. Only a few contestants chose to be nominated themselves while others were seen at loggerheads with each other.

Chance to get their bags back

Everyone got suddenly excited when they got a chance to reclaim their lost bags. Bigg Boss tells them that the contestants without their bags i.e. Keith, Suyyash, Prince and Digangana are required to bid for their bags.

The minimum bid starts at Rs. 3 lakh and the total sum of the bids would get deducted from the total prize money.

Suyyash, Prince and Digangana didn’t understand the task well and they thought that the highest bidder would get their bags back. Keith choses to opt out of the opportunity by writing a big fat zero on the board keeping in mind that the prize money is important for all contestants.

To everyone’s surprise, Suyyash, Prince and Digangana receive their bags, Keith’s smartness still doesn’t get him his bag.

Teekhe shabd in the house
Teekhe shabd in the house

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All hell breaks loose when the housemates realise that the prize money now stands at Rs. 39,66,667! When Kishwer hyperventilates about the money getting deducted, a peace-loving Roopal clearly tells her to stop trying to get footage by fighting and raising her voice. This irks Kishwer who asks her if she is trying to make a point just because Salman told her she is coming across as silent. Ahem!

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