Bigg Boss 9, Day 8: Now a twist in the Nominations tale, time for the ultimate sacrifice!

The first week of Bigg Boss season 9 has ended and the tumultuous journey has just started. By the time the contestants will get over Ankit Gera’s eliminations, they will have to file their nominations for week 2.

But their is a twist, this time around jodis won’t be nominated. But this isn’t just it, there is to it. Since Vikas and Yuvika are the captains, they will get a pass from getting nominated. As for the others, Bigg Bos has a surprise or a curse to be more appropriate.

Only one member from each jodi will be nominated and the jodis will have to decide among themselves who would be nominated. Yes, you heard it right! This is the time for the ultimate sacrifice as one member will sacrifice his/her safety for his/her partner. This will be the real test of partnership and the bonding for all the jodis.

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But who would sacrifice their own safety for their partner? Will the discussions be cordial? Or will there be a fallout between the jodis? Plus who will have the confidence in themselves that the audience will save them to take the fall?

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