Bigg Boss 9, Day 8: Couple Suyyash Rai-Kishwer Merchantt GANG UP on Roopal Tyagi!

Bigg Boss 9 is a show where nothing is predictable. One minute two people are close and then the next minute they are arch rivals. The show’s is based on rhe principle of survival of the fittest and we have always seen people struggling to survive here.

Bigg Boss 9 started out slowly but now the pot is boiling with fights and contoversies happening on a daily basis. Today also a huge fight will break out between Roopal and Suyyash during the bag auction task. But Roopal forgot that Suyyash has not one but two partners in the house. Yes you heard it right! While Prince is his partner, Kishwer is his girlfriend and she will also support him always.

So when the contestants realised that the bid they put up for getting their bags back will be deducted from the winner’s amount, they all started fretting. Plus apart from the winning bid, the bids put by the other contestants will also be cut. And on top of all of that 3 lakh would be the minimum bid for the auction.

These conditions STUNNED everyone and they got into an argument of whether to do this task or not! In the rage of the moment, Roopal suggested that Suyyash always creates scenes in every task and he should avoid that. This does not goes down well with Suyyash and girlfriend Kishwer.

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Suyyash counters Roopal and asks her when did he create a scene. Kishwer also pitched in and defended her boyfriend and SMASHED Roopal’s claims. What will happen ahead? Will the fight go on? or will they sort everything as adults? To know more tune in to Bigg Boss 9 at 10.30 pm tonight!

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