Bigg Boss 9, Day 7: Guess which female house-mate had Sonam Kapoor praise her big time!

There is one thing common between Sonam Kapoor and me. Both of us don’t like mincing our words. And, tonight, we will see this gorgeous actress talking to the housemates through the live chat and asking straight forward questions. Kisi ko mirchi lagi to Sonam kya kare?!

While, the chat was meant to lighten up the tension that the contestants had due to the looming eliminations, it turned, well, a little grave in some parts too. You know that happens when you call spade a spade and not a silly shovel!

As I told you, Sonam asked Keith Sequeira the reason for choosing to stick around with Mandana Karimi over girlfriend Rochelle Maria Rao as his new partner when he had the chance to swap his partner. You will get to know about Keith’s answer in tonight’s, but there was one surprise that lightened up somebody’s mood during this session.
And which contestant? Well, we have all the dope for you.

Sonam while talking to the housemates stopped at Mandana Karimi and praised her big time. Sonam confessed that she is quite fond of Mandana and her personality. She went on to appreciate and encourage the Iranian model on her improved Hindi a lot.

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But that’s not all, Sonam also mentioned that Mandana is bold enough to take decisions for herself. Will Mandana also be awarded something by Sonam like how Prince Narula was awarded by Alia Bhatt yesterday?

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