Bigg Boss 9, Day 4: Mandana Makes Shor on the Snore!

The Bigg Boss House isn’t a new place for the vibe of ‘hungama ho gaya’. The week is drawing to a close and apart from all dose of trouble which seems like a non delectable lollipop, the one that doesn’t cease is the little atom of snores. The lack of ‘beauty sleep’ has caused much harm to poor Mandana , who seems to fretting with the mere thought with having to sleep next to the snoring beasts.

Who knew that this would go down a rough ally and one would see a fierce catfight. Sleep is but a touché topic and ‘no proper sleep’ has been hovering over Mandana like a bee. She opined that she wouldn’t like to sleep next to Vikas or Arvind and go through the double intensity of snores.

She was adamant and didn’t even pay a heed to the suggestions made by the housemates. Unrest stirred up between her partner Keith and her. However, Keith permits Mandana to sleep on his bed which is next to lady love Rochelle.

Rochelle who didn’t seem comfortable with this choice politely made a request of letting Keith be next to her. The matter spiralled out of the hand completely and in the fit of temper Mandana became really rude to Rochelle. Well, the ladi of arguments has been burnt by the Phataka.

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Is Keith already wondering ‘ Kidhar phaas gaya yaar?’ Will he be able to shuttle well in this counter strike of Mandanas ‘kill dil when sleep is nil’. Tissue? Rochelle. Rockets of trouble, already?… Bigg Boss?!

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