Bigg Boss 9, Day 3:Has Prince found his princess in this pretty looking lass?!

I can see the hungama making flashes on the screen. The nominations for the week have been done. The fear of the tasks is trickling down everyone’s spine. The contestants are getting into the vibe of doing house chores and my pre mid-night snacking has begun. While everyone is trying to create favouritism , I see Prince working his way to win the housemates and the ladies too.

After some paratha wala kaamal and trying to woo Mandana. The needles of the clock of Prince’s heart are now pointing towards Yuvika. Over a talk amongst the house mates Prince’s made an indirect proposal to Yuvika.

Otherwise timid Yuvika doesn’t shy away from saying a ‘Yes’ when asked if she would like to be with Prince. The man has generous heart with a lot of love for the ladies, I see. He makes a plea to Bigg Boss to evict him if Yuvika gets evicted, saying what if she changes her mind.

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However if he was to get evicted, he will wait for his beloved Yuvika. Taking cues from Bollywood , Prince? Will Yuvika and Prince be the new lovebirds of Season 9? Is she keen on being Prince’s Princess? Or is this going to be purely a one way game with an empty house on Prince Street? Catch the buzz on the GPS of Bigg Boss.

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