Bigg Boss 9, Day 24: Boys just had too much fun!

Ali Quli Mirza and Sana Khan got a little too creative on day two of the hotel task. Aur task ka extreme side Bigg Boss ke house ke ladko ko endure karna pada. Living in the Bigg Boss house is no easy game and surviving the tasks can get a little zhalem sometimes. Ali and Sana came to the house to help Rishabh and Mandana break the spirit of the housemates who were playing the role of hotel staff.

The boys were made the target and were asked to remove their shirts and jump into the pool. And they didn’t just stop there! They were even asked to have a makeover and if I tell you what kind of makeover they had, you would be laughing your head off. The girls were later asked to join in the fun and they did happily.

Ali who was seen at the beginning giving advice to Rishabh to be strict yet fun, surely made the hotel task and others following that really damn entertaining. Mujhko toh saach main bahut maza aaya!

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Everyone who was asked went into the pool except one person, who I felt made, quite a big deal about it. The swimming pool task looked fun and looking at how everyone was enjoying, I bet that one person would have too if they would have just gone with the flow.

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