Bigg Boss 9, Day 23: Hotel guests whine and dine and make life tough for the housemates

It’s time to create a little friction in the house and what better way than giving a new task to the housemates and then dividing them into two groups. Divide and rule policy does go a long way and this tactic has proven to be pretty successful year after year. Bigg Boss gave our dearest housemates the task of managing and running a 7 star hotel.

While two of the housemates acted as guests, the others were seen running the hotel. You would be surprised to know who the lucky two were who got to throw their weight around. Mandana and our newest addition, Rishabh and they certainly struck quite a few chords with their constant demands and whining.

Finally, there was some movement and mayhem in the house. After three weeks of no hulahoo, I was dying to see some action but here they were at each other’s throats.
To give the house a little feel of the hotel, a reception counter and a massage area were added to the house.

Prince being the captain of the house was made the manager of the hotel and was given the responsibility of overlooking the activities of all the other housemates. The hotel tasks were allotted between the housemates where some were given the responsibility of cleaning and others the task of cooking.

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At last, ghar thoda sa toh accha lag raha tha. And it wasn’t just the two who gave the housemates a tough time today, there was a surprise entry that too tested their patience level.

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