Bigg Boss 9, Day 23: Bang on target! Mandana and Rishabh play it nasty!

You will get to see a lot more masala in today’s episode as the house saw a rise in temperature rise thanks to our wild card entrant, Rishabh There was a lot that went on in the house, some of it would make you ROFL and others would disgust you a little, but all in all, you are going to get a full on entertainment package.

We all know that every housemate has to prove that they are capable of doing the task efficiently and effectively. And no task in the Bigg Boss is fun without a little pushing and irking. And who better to push that envelope than the guests whose demands can bring tears to any one’s eyes because of their constant rattling and jibes.

The contestants looked absolutely annoyed but to tell you the truth, I totally loved it. For me it was the most entertaining thing that happened in the house so far. All the housemates were dressed in hotel uniforms except for Mandana and Rishabh who acted like guests in the hotel.

Before the start of the task, Rishabh and Mandana were called into the confession room and given a secret task while the other contestants were busy preparing for their welcome. Bigg Boss asked Rishabh and Mandana to target any two housemates and get them so worked up that they end up forgoing the task. There was a lot of discussion that went on in the confession room as to who would bear the brunt of the task, and at the end the duo came up with three names.

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The first one to become the target was Kishwer. She had to do something that none of us would even dare to do. I was totally put off by the very sight of it and I bet you would have too. The other housemates were pretty supportive towards her and even offered her help to complete the task. The guests didn’t spare the other two on their target list either. Their games got nastier through the day.

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