Bigg Boss 9, Day 22: Housemates give absurd reasons for open Nominations this week!

This weekend Salman khan was seen giving some gyan about the past contestants and asked the housemates to buckle up and put a good show ahead. With Rishabh being the newest entrant in the house, he has already started to create ripples in the house and the affect is pretty evident on the housemates to some extent.

The game is all in open now! Band toh bajegi ab sab ki! Contestants were asked to gather in the garden area for open nominations procedure where they were asked to nominate three contestants by tearing the picture of their fellow housemates. This was not it, after picking their names, housemates were asked to throw the pictures in the fire and the one with the maximum votes got nominated.

Big Boss reiterated that Suyyash was already nominated because he lost the friend status task against Prince. Prince being the captain of the house got the power to get one housemate nominated directly. Hmm…This was a great chance for Prince to get back at one person who irritated him the most in the house, and trust me when I tell you, many people felt the same about this particular nominee.

The silliest thing that I came during the nominations was when the housemates gave really absurd reasons for why they were nominating some people. If you heard what all they said, I bet you would burst out laughing.

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I certainly did! It is interesting to see that all the contestants are finally coming out of their shell. The nomination has shown a visible impact on the housemates as they got a reality check on what all their fellow contestants thought about them.

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