Bigg Boss 9, Day 21: It’s time to open up the pandora’s box!

Housemates have been pretty wary of their behaviour in the past three weeks and I am starting to wonder if they really have it in them. In the last seasons, the contestants were packed with a lot of ‘oomph’ and ‘aah’ and this season they don’t seem to be taking things seriously.

It’s time to give them a wakeup call and who better to give it to them then their own family and friends. Karan and Shaleen were invited to give a little dose to their besties. Truth can be pretty ugly and that’s what the need of the hour is today.

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Karan and Shaleen said quite a few things to their friends pointing out to where all they were going wrong and where all they need to take a tough stance. And that wasn’t it! They even asked the two to up their game and be aware of ‘certain’ people in the house. Woah! I f you hear the two names that they openly spoke about, you would be shocked because I was too.

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