Bigg Boss 9, Day 21: It’s not even one month and Housemates get to hold the winner’s trophy!

Bigg Boss house is a tough place to be and surviving three months in the house is a big deal. Away from family and friends can be pretty daunting and looking at how the many people in the house have already broken down, I bet it has started to get to each of them little by little.

So, to get a little feel of how it feels to win the Bigg Boss title, Salman sent a little surprise into the house. Any guesses? Well, Salman is Salman and he likes to do things a little differently.

He sent a dummy trophy for the housemates so that they could get a little feel of what it is like to win. Looking at how things have been going on in the house, I think this was a great tactic on Salman’s end. After all there is nothing like ‘jeet ki khushi’.

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It was really entertaining to see how each of the housemates gave a thank you speech with some getting emotional, while others acting a little more practical. Kahani toh ab shuru hui hain and we hope that Salman was able to ignite the little fire within each of the housemate.

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