Bigg Boss 9, Day 18:Baal, Baal bach gaye.. nahi!

The first four tasks showed us how messy things are going to get as the show progresses, but the last task will sweep the floor from below your feet. It gets scarier and scarier in the Bigg Boss house as the contestants battle for survival.

It seems the body hair of one contestant is under threat. One male contestant has to get his legs waxed by a female contestant and not scream when she pulls the hair off with the strip. Ouch!

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The task-ready guy, Suyyash Rai took up the task and Yuvika Chaudhary waxed his legs! Suyyash had freaked out last time when he had to get a tattoo, albeit for his partner’s sake. Will he freak out again? Or will he quietly do the task and add 500 points to the kitty?

Author: Bigg Boss

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