Bigg Boss 9, Day 18: When the task says, Baby, Smack that FACE!

If the first three tasks weren’t painful enough, the next task will hit you in the face literally. The first three tasks have been painful and while the contestants who have done the task are seething in pain, Bigg Boss announced another task which will take the pain threshold to the next level if you hear about it.

What do the contestants have to do? Well, two contestants have to line up their face on a tennis table. That’s it? No! The two contestants have to suffer and control the pain as a small girl plays table tennis squash with a few balls at their face.

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Two people who have had issues with each other, Rochelle Maria Rao and Vikas Bhalla joined together to perform the task. Will they fight and forfeit the task? or will they prove everyone wrong and win 500 points?

Author: Bigg Boss

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