Bigg Boss 9, Day 17: Kishwer’s the new eve teaser in the house!

Everyone was composing themselves after a rip-roaring day in the house, when suddenly, our over-enthusiastic contestant, Kishwer started to bully Rochelle and started to make fun of her by telling her uska naam “Ullaghan” hona chahiye and calling her “Ro-shelle”.

After all the argument et all, Rochelle had a word with Keith, who was bummed out because of this event and did not want to create a hullabaloo but wanted to talk in person with Kishwer.

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After all the talking Keith advised Rochelle not to create a scene and go talk to Kishwer about her inappropriate behaviour, which any sensible person would not appreciate. Let’s see How Rochelle put forth her point in front of Kishwer and how Kishwer reacts to all of this.

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