Bigg Boss 9, Day 17: Kishwer-Hanging on the knife’s edge!

Kishwer was sandwiched between Pyaar and Bhaichara these days, but who will she choose? How will she decide the winner of the Friends task? In a very melodramatic way, you can say that kishwer “Dharamsankat mein hai.” She could not take a decision whether to chose Prince or Suyyash as both were close to him.

If you see a flashback of the Bigg Boss journey, you will see the trio gelling so well with one another and having so much fun and masti. The trio back bitched about so many contestants too.

But with contestants talking behind Kishwer’s back that she was not treating this task equally from both the ends, she will have to take a proper decision. The housemates had said that she had a biased approach since the time she has become the Sanchalak of the task and Captain of the house.

In her defence Kishwer had said that the members of the house were teaming up against Suyyash and were cornering him for no reason. Kishwer was only protecting him and answering to the contestants wherever her name was being involved.

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It’s will be tough for Kishwer to make a decision tonight. But it will be interesting to see if she takes a biased decision or will she play fair in the Bigg Boss 9 house.

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