Bigg Boss 9, Day 16: Look who is seeking relationship advice from Keith!

Looks like Keith is following the footprints of our host Salman Khan’s role from the film partner. Keith felt that Suyyash was getting squashed between Kishwer and the show. By protecting her and always being there for her, he was creating a turmoil for himself.

So Love guru, Keith giving his own example made Suyyash understand that Rochelle and him have a huge age difference between them, but she fights her own crusade and has told him that she would let him know when she needs him. he confessed that even he was very protective of Rochelle but never keeps bombing in her world, because she was an individual and capable of taking care of herself.

Keith told Suyyash that he was in the show which was not a couple reality show where he keeps protecting Kish. He had his own journey to make, he has his own frame of objectivity and strategies to be a part of this how and win this battle of Bigg Boss.
Audience would like to see Suyyash as an individual and as a couple sometimes.

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After getting thoughts straight in Suyyash’s head and even understanding what her sister conveyed her, he mend his ways of actions and went ahead to hit the spot with Mandana to be his friend in the task of friends task and vote for him, trying to resolve the issues with him.

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