Bigg Boss 9, Day 15: Bigg Boss Babaji puts Prince on Big Alert!

What if somebody comes and tells you what your future is going to hold? Spooky-dooky! Ain’t it quite a terror to know about your future? I mean, I am definitely curious but then I feel quite wimpish from within.

The same thing happened with the housemates last evening. Bigg Boss was generous enough to send in Gyaani Babaji in the house to let the housemates know where they were going wrong in the show. All non-nominated contestants were given this opportunity.

But, the most exciting one was for lover boy, Prince. When Babaji called prince to tell about his future in the house, he was warned to not fall in the trap of junkies of any person and be a discreet individual in the house. Prince was taken back after his prediction and looked quite upset.

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All of a sudden he wanted to be a recluse. Be left alone! Kishwer and Suyyash were quite inquisitive about what had gone wrong with Prince after the fortune teller’s task?! He went into a shell for some time. OMG! That was quite a shocker!

Author: Bigg Boss

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