Bigg Boss 9, Day 14: Salman Khan puts Prince in spot on Weekend Special!

Mandana has been the talk of the house; every boy is trying to hit on her. Even our hunk, Prince –the entertainer of the house, was recently being very affectionate towards her when Mandana was very ill during the “Lagaan” task, we saw prince cuddling her and kissing on her cheeks and nurturing her in a tender manner.

Mandana happened to vomit as she was not keeping well, and we saw how Prince and Suyyash spoke rather dirty about the reason. Seems like Prince was jealous that he was not Mandana’s partner!

Either Prince wants to be in limelight of the show or he really likes Mandana and wants her to be close to him. Snapdeal caller asked Prince that, in the beginning of the show he had claimed that when it comes to women, he respects and honours them, then making such an awful comment on Mandana was justified?

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Prince was found singing songs like “Ek taraf hai gharwali ek taraf bharwali”, was it just a witty comment? When Salman Khan asked him about the same Prince tried to justify himself, only to be corrected by Salman, as he said, “bacha bacha Janata hai ke vomiting karne ka matlab kya hota hai”, so don’t defend yourself. You are caught!

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