Bigg Boss 9, Day 14: Chance pe Dance says Bigg Boss to the boys and girls

Festive season is around the corner and our bitchy housemates are missing the pleasant fiesta of the commemoration. So, knowing how munificent our Bigg Boss is, he decided to make them feel homely and gave them an interesting task.

A dance competition, where two teams are going to face off each other and match their strength against each other and seek their championship from Bigg Boss. Both the teams were given the same song “Aa dekhe zara kisme kitna hai dum”.

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Pressure is piling between both the troops to give their best shot. I think it will be a zipper between both the teams because both are really working hard on their moves. To find out who wins stay up with me and watch their performance on none other than Bigg boss.

Author: Bigg Boss

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