Bigg Boss 9, Day 12: What? There is a Double Trouble Room in the House as well

Let me show you the secret double trouble room in the house. Come quietly with me, don’t tell anyone. Can you imagine a double trouble room? Oh my god! No I could not! So today Bigg boss introduced the double trouble room to the roomies.

In this room the contenders will have to go separately to take the toughest decisions in the house. You know the twist whatever decision they take, it will apply to the full house, now! That’s leathery Guess who went first? Captain Kishwer and Aman were the first to experience the wrath of the double trouble room.

Bigg boss had given a task to them in which they have 3 options If they pressed the button one time the entire house would become bandhan mukt from each other.

If they pressed it twice everyone would be free except Kishwer and Aman and If they don’t press the button the entire house would be bandhan mukt except for kishwer and aman, and one more Jodi of their choice would be in bandhan.

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Ouch! That’s pretty tough With all thoughts bouncing in your head that your decision is final for the Bigg Boss and it would be administered to everyone in the house. It’s going to be fun

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