Bigg Boss 9, Day 12: War of food in the house

Bigg Boss contestants forfeited their sleep, and food for the “Lagaan” task. As the day gorged by challenges were going to be more rigid than before, the contenders were going to experience the struggle, the harshness of the journey that they have plunge into.

Food has always been the foremost priority of every individual living in that house.
It’s been the second week food crisis has already been evoked in the house. Rochelle and prince had an argument over sugar and tea, Rochelle was trying to tell prince that use less sugar as it’s not going to suffice them for the coming days.

Then the bitching phenomenon happened between Rochelle and Roopal over unequal and uneven sharing of the food amongst them, stating that there was proportionate distribution of eggs.

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We should also do that in our meals so that everybody could eat well and also in balanced form. To unfold the mystery over the war against food and catch more drama over it, watch with Bigg boss khabri of this season.

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