Bigg Boss 9, Day 12: Bigg Boss tells the housemates, ‘Chal beta selfie le le re’!

It’s time for some boisterous adventure in the house. With all the tension surrounding the house, people being unwell and being boring in the house, its time to unleash all of it. Bigg Boss gave them a task name OPPO R7 Plus Selfie Beauty, where the housemates would click selfies in the areas like the OPPO corner in the garden area, in bedroom, living room, and bathroom.

The house members were divided into two teams. The sanchalak will look after the task so that the rules can be acknowledged. The precedent of the game was that one team got only half an hour to do this task and other team went and unhinged the team who was taking selfies, but they couldn’t touch them or distract them.

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During the task many of the contestants got injured while clicking selfies. The teams had to select top 4 selfies and present it to sanchalak to decide the title-holders for this task. Let’s see who is captivated with cameras. Stay hooked up with us on colors to see amazing selfie styles.

Author: Bigg Boss

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