Bigg Boss 9, Day 11: A tug of war for captaincy!?

Upon the completion of the ‘Lagaan’ task, a new captain was chosen. Since Aman and Kishwer won the task, the two were eligible to contest for captain’s role, but this time, captain will not be s Jodi.

Now, all the contestants have had a rough week with all the fighting and falling sick. So Bigg Boss thought of bringing out a little fun activity for the contestants. After all, Bigg Boss cares about everyone.

A game of tug of war was played between Aman and Kishwer as a showdown. Rules were simple. Whoever wineth, maketh captain. Both of them got a team to back them as the housemates also got to fight for a side.

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Kishwer was supported by Prince-Suyyash, Rochelle-Rimmi and Vikas-Yuvika. On the other hand Aman’s team included Digangna-Roopal, Arvind and Keith. Mandana did not participate as she wasnt feeling well. So which side will the force support? Will Aman make the captain? Or will Kishwer get the glory?

Author: Bigg Boss

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