Bigg Boss 9, Day 10: Rochelle playing safe?

Meet the ever-not resolving their issues Jodi in the House Mandana and Keith who really are strong contestants in the house. As the days are fleeting by the tension and irritation in the house is flourishing. Romancing couples are turning into WWF fighters, where everyone is trying to cope up with each other; Bigg boss has twisted the luxury budget this time and introduced the concept of movie LAGAAN in the house.

The Moderator for this particular event would be the Snoring King Arvind.Where the modern zamindar are Aman and Kishwer , where they would be taking decisions for this particular luxury budget and other jodi’s would have slog their fats out to win this luxury budget by grinding wheat and earning their daily usage Luxuries like washroom, kitchen etc.

After all tough grinding day in this brutal heat, contestants managed to use some of their luxuries in the house. After seeing that everyone had really steeled day in the house, Rochelle conspires to steal the luxury coins from the pot, so that it becomes easy to win.

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The warriors of the house Mandana and Keith nailed to loot the coins and tried to make it effortless for their team members. When the other contenders got to know of the loot they were disappointed with the fact that they cheated with the zamindar that were so kind to them because they believed to be their family and felt guilty about what their fellow members did.
Bossy Madam Mandana was totally contra to the whole team and said it was okay to cheat in the game to win and stood by her decision, as usual listening to no one.
Everything is fair in love and war, but is it far in the luxury budget of Bigg boss?

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