Bigg Boss 9, Day 10: Mandana on fire!

The aggressive Mandana is breaking all the whims and fancies of the contestants by breaking rules one by one in the house, everyone might have to pay for her actions profoundly. Mandana is a woman who would never want to listen and make her hasty decisions which turn out to be bummer for her.

She disagreed to each one in the house and said it was okay to steal in the game, because it wasn’t mentioned anywhere that you can’t steal. Mandana thinks whatever she thinks is correct and doesn’t try to adjust with her fellow contestants. When she saw that everyone is opposing her thoughts and views of stealing, she started to flare- up in her anger.

She stormed out, dumped her belt and mike in the corner and wasn’t ready to acknowledge with rules and regulations of the house. The members staying in the house weren’t really acknowledging and supporting Mandana for her behavior, they felt she was going over board and over reacting to things.

When no one supported Mandana’s tantrums and she was left aloof in the house, Bigg boss called her in the confession room to have a one on one conversation where and she expressed her apathy to Bigg Boss saying she wanted to leave the house immediately.

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Will Mandana be allowed to leave? Will Bigg Boss be punishing her for her disrespectful behavior? Or the contestants would have to sacrifice their luxury budget for Mandana? Stay Hooked with us on colors to see the angry woman in the house!

Author: Bigg Boss

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