Bigg Boss 9 can wait, for now Mia Khalifa’s Instagram account is hacked!

Porn star Mai Khalifa was already in news for her possible participation in reality show Bigg Boss 9 and now the hacking of her Instagram account on late Monday night has made her popular once again. As if she needed one!

It is believed that a Saudi has hacked Mia Khalifa’s Instagram account as the hacker posted a Saudi flag playing the Saudi national anthem and an Islamic symbol on the adult star’s Instagram account. The 22-year old Lebanese porn star tweeted about the unauthorised access on her Twitter account.

Mia Khalifa in one of here tweets wrote, “Hey, @instagram – are you gonna let the terrorists win or give me my account back??” With no help, the porn star posted few more tweets which read, ‘’Can y’all help a girl get her Instagram account back? Tweet @instagram and demand they respond to my email’’ and ‘’Alright @instagram, you either hate America or you’ll give me my account back. #FreeMia.’’

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Mia Khalifa eventually created a new Instagram account despite having over 2.2 million followers on her previous account. After being rated as number one porn star by last year in December, Mia Khalifa is once again breaking the internet from speculated participation in reality show to this hacking incident.

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