Bigg Boss 9: All hell breaks loose when Mandana and Rochelle get catty!

Bigg Boss’ house has been a little quiet for first 4 days. Unusual for the reality show. But then come Thursday, the grand house will experience its first cat-fight between Mandana and Rochelle over Keith. Mandana has been throwing tantrums about having to sleep anywhere near to Vikas and Arvind due to their snoring problems.

After the whole house somehow had the actress sleep near Vikas, she told Keith that she will not sleep next to Vikas and exchanged places with him. When she slept next to Rochelle’s bed (which was technically next Keith’s bed), Rochelle, wanting to sleep next to her boyfriend, politely asked her why she is sleeping in Keith’s bed?

Hell broke loose when Mandana began justifying herself. Saying that she spoke to her partner and decided, Mandana was stubborn to not move anywhere else. Mandana, who was already in a bad mood since morning, created a ruckus and threw a hissy fit at Rochelle, leading to a yelling match over wanting to sleep next to Keith

Unaffected by the drama, Keith continued to make his bed. But the fight reached new decibel levels as Mandana used the word ‘my partner’. Hearing Mandana use the words, Rochelle said, “Your partner is my boyfriend!”

Having supported Mandana throughout the day when she refused to sleep near Vikas and Arvind, Rochelle thought it was only fair that Mandana supports her back. Breaking down and crying, Rochelle hugged boyfriend Keith and told him that she just wanted a minute alone with him and that she cannot tolerate this any longer! Keith, who tried to calm her down, hugged her right back until she felt better

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Even after the ruckus, Mandana went off to sleep where she had decided to – next to Rochelle – and also said that she had no words! The housemates also tried to calm Rochelle down but she requested time alone with Keith.

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