‘Bigg Boss 9’: 5 reasons why Mandana Karimi is the contestant to watch out for in the show

It’s been just a week that ‘Bigg Boss 9’ has gone on air and the real drama hasn’t really started as the contestants are making themselves familiar. Mandana Karimi, half Iranian-half Indian model and wannabe actress is all set to take the show with a storm in the coming weeks. Mandana started out with a cameo in Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Roy’ and was seen in a supporting role in Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Bhagg Johnny’.

She knows well that her popularity on the controversial reality show will work in her favour and might open up some new gates. Randeep Hooda starrer ‘Main Aur Charles’, which has Mandana in a small role slated for a release in October will get a boost with her stint in ‘Bigg Boss’. Thus, without wasting much time, Mandana has begun the antics that will help her survive in the show, in a long run.

Here are a few reasons which make Mandana the most popular contenstant on the show:

She has the looks: A good looking belle as a contestant is the most delightful thing for the reality show like Bigg Boss. In this season, we have more than half a dozen lovely ladies who are trying to make a mark, but, Mandana has already taken the front seat by confidently remaining in front of the cameras. She is always hooked in front of the mirror ensuring that she looks pretty and rest of the time gets embroiled in shooting from the mouth.

She is the mandatory foreign beauty trying to learn Hindi: Mandana fills that mandatory slot of foreign beauty on the show. Indian audience have always looked forward to have a foreign belle, struggling to speak in Hindi with a weird accent. In the past, Swedish model Elli Avram, Serbian model Natasha Stankovic and adult actress Sunny Leone made the most of their stay on the show. Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson too had made news with brief appearance. Mandana’s inability to speak in Hindi fluently and keenness to learn cooking is helping her charmed the audience.

She is a drama queen: Thanks to the guidance from her publicist Dale Bhagwagar, Mandana has come prepared in the show. Clearly, she has been briefed about what works for the contestant in the show. Constant bickering with fellow contestants and trivial catfights help one to remain in news. In the past, infamous contestants like Pooja Missra had made a mark with their unruly and brash behaviour and Mandana is following the trend.

She is the tormentor: Bigg Boss mantra suggests that the most unpopular contestants inside turns out to be a popular contestant outside. Mandana has had a brush with all her fellow housemates. Due to her unfriendly approach, rest of the housemates including her partner Keith Sequeira are not on a friendly terms with her. Rochelle Rao, also the girlfriend of Keith had a catfight with Mandana, while she picked fights with Aman Varma, Yuvika Choudhary among others.

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She is ruling the social media: Mandana has also emerged as the darling of the social media in no time. The news of her alleged secret marriage with Lalit Tahlan has taken the world of Twitter and Facebook by storm. The catfights are yet another reason that the social networking sites are abuzz with her name.

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