Bigg Boss 8’s Captain, Ali Mirza, To Punish Karishma Tanna!

Bigg Boss 8: Captain, Ali Mirza, To Punish Karishma Tanna

The latest Bigg Boss 8 episode is going to see captain of the house, Ali Quli Mirza, punishing Karishma Tanna in the latest task. The contestants had to present their wishes to Ali and he gets to decide who will get a wish come true and who gets punished. Ali granted Upen Patel’s wish and decided to punish Karishma.

Karishma would have not done work as Ali had asked her to do. Previously that day, Ali would have found Karishma, Diandra Soares and Soni Singh colouring their hair when he had assigned work for them. Bigg Boss announced that since Ali has decided to punish Karishma, she will have to become invisible to every one in the house. Karishma will be seen trying her best to get noticed by anyone but everyone would stand strong at ignoring her tactics.

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Also, it is said that RJ Preetam will receive a message from his wife and newborn very soon which will get him teary eyed. The funny man, who is often seen making others laugh will be moved by Bigg Boss’s gesture. Karishma’s punishment will not be the last one in the house that day. Later in the day, Ali would have the swimming pool still dirty when he had asked Soni and Minissha Lamba to clean it. He would punish them by making them sit separately. When they would continue to make a scene of being punished, Ali considers putting them to bed without dinner.

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