Bigg Boss 8: You won’t be surprised to know why Sana and Sambhavna dislike Dimpy!

You won't be surprised to know why Sana and Sambhavna dislike Dimpy

Post Sana’s fight with Dimpy, I found Sana and Sambhavna discussing the entire tale that happened during the Pillow fight task. Sambhavna told Sana that she had been following the season and she knows how Dimpy has been reasons for some of the biggest fights in the house and the core reason for P3G split!

As per her, P3G group fell apart just when Dimpy entered the house, and she started cornering Gautam from the rest to start off with; followed by creating fights between Gautam, Pritam and Praneet. In fact, Sambhavna has given a new name to Dimpy, ‘Hyna!’ One who doesn’t hunt it’s prey but snatches away someone else’s.

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Sambhavna then added a bit about herself that her nature is loud but she is harmless. She also called Dimpy a ‘khanjari aurat’ ( Khanjar means a dagger). These conversations were on as the two seated in the bedroom after winning the task. Not only that but Dimpy, who was roaming around living area sensed that she was the one spoken about and passed on a grin at them.

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