Bigg Boss 8: Will Karishma Tanna and Diandra Soares lose their cool with Sonali Raut?


The atmosphere is quite grim post the nominations in the controversial house
It’s a new day in Bigg Boss 8 and the inmates have a new luxury task to do. Like always this one is further going to create chaos in the house.

Super Heroes Vs Super Villains
The new task is to make two teams, Super Heroes and Super Villains. Bigg Boss has appointed Karishma Tanna as the captain for Superheroes (Red T-shirts) and RJ Preetam is in charge of the Supervillains (Black T-shirts). However, he has not assigned them a team. Their task is to woo people on their side and make a new team. However people can choose on their own to pick whichever team they wish to be a part of.

Wooing the contestants
While in the start there were several who opted to be a part of Karishma’s Superheroes, as the day progressed many switched parties in order to have a comfortable life. Diandra Soares, Arya Babbar, Upen Patel, Soni Singh, Minissha Lamba, Natasha Stankovic were in the Superheroes team, while Puneet Issar, Praneet Bhat, Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut created havoc as the Supervillains.

Sushant Divgikar, who was initially part of the superheroes, switched sides for the greed of a leisure life.

The do’s and don’ts
As Supervillains, the contestants have the freedom to do anything and everything. In fact, most of them chose to sit idle and waste away their time as the Superheroes toiled hard to do their daily chores. In fact, at 2:45 am when the superheroes finally called it a night and dozed off, the Supervillains, after much planning, started banging vessels and pouring water all over the heroes to disrupt their sleep time. Sonali even went to the extreme to trouble them.

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Sonali’s revenge
Sonali, however, utilised some extreme measures to disrupt Karishma’s sleep and even went on to pull off the bed-sheets and mattresses from her bed. Karishma tried to stop Sonali from going overboard by holding her from behind but this was not enough to stop Sonali who even walked all over Karishma’s mattress with her shoes on. In fact, Sonali even went up to Diandra’s bed and poured water all over her, while Diandra just sat in one spot and watched her in disgust.

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