Bigg Boss 8: Wild card contestant Ali Quli Mirza takes over reins, launches ‘Swachhata Abhiyaan’ in house

Wild Card Entrant Ali Quli Mirza Brings The House Down2

Even as the Bigg Boss housemates were recuperating from the aftershocks of the luxury budget task, Ali Quli Mirza, the Wild Card entry of Bigg Boss Season 8, made his way into the house. As soon as he enters, Bigg Boss announces him the captain of the house. Both shocked and surprised, the housemates welcome Ali with smiling faces, but little do they know that everything is just about to turn topsy-turvy.

The day kicks off with the song ‘My Name Is Ali’ and Ali ensures his name remains the hot topic of the day as well. Being the first captain of this season of Bigg Boss, Ali takes his responsibility seriously and inspects the entire house. Seeing that it was quite messy, Ali launches an obsessive “Swachhata Abhiyaan” while allotting every member of the house to one responsibility that they would need to own with all their heart. As the cleanliness drive continues, Bigg Boss gives Ali one more power which he takes full advantage of!

Swachhata Abhiyaan-2

Swachhata Abhiyaan-3

After a long day of hard work and cleaning, Bigg Boss finally treats the housemates with the much awaited luxury budget. But it was not as easy as it seemed. The complications in executing the budget becomes a cause of concern and the contestants remain unsure about how everything will pan out.

As the tired contestants curled in for a relaxing evening, Bigg Boss introduces the Atyachaar task which changes some equations amongst housemates. The ‘daas’ of the house got a chance to put someone else in their place and they took complete advantage of it! And, of course, as captain, Ali got to have the final say!

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With the various roles and decisions that Ali has taken during the course of the day, everyone in the house is talking about him. However, Ali ensures that while he takes harsh decisions, he also entertains certain co-contestants as he sings songs throughout the day. But will Ali’s charm and charisma overpower his firm captaincy? Will the contestants warm up to him? Only time will tell…

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