Bigg Boss 8: Why did Puneet break down?

Puneet Issar breaks down in confession room

Puneet Issar is known as a contestant who puts the housemates before a luxuries. This was also clearly visible when he decided to continue with the role of ‘daas’ despite being given a chance to nominate someone to take his place.

Which is why it is natural that if Puneet is seen being quiet and looking low, it is bound to be a cause of concern.

To address this issue, Bigg Boss is called Puneet to the confession room to check if the senior actor was feeling well.

While Puneet initially shrugs it off saying that he is alright, after a little nudging, he reveals that he is missing his daughter Nivritti, whom he fondly calls Sandy, as it is her birthday on 17th October.

The strong man of the house soon breaks down because he is extremely homesick and requests Bigg Boss to deliver a special message to his family, on his behalf. He wishes his daughter a Happy Birthday and shares a message for his entire family.

Puneet continues to weep as he is missing his family and his daughter dearly.

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This incident reveals a softer side of Puneet, that he always puts his surroundings first and looks for peace in his environment. We only wish that Puneet’s wishes reach his daughter as she celebrates her special day!

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