Bigg Boss 8: Who is Arya emotionally attached to?

Bigg Boss 8: Who is Arya emotionally attached to

Morning people! In an unusual event I came running, after I heard Babbar sher shouting or should I say roaring?! Yes! Aarya who usually has a low profile in the house started screaming all of a sudden out of nowhere this morning, which made the house shake! *khi khi khi* now that was because the girls in the house, Diandra, Karishma and others hid his soft toy that has been gifted to him by his girlfriend and makes him extremely attached to it, Awwww!

Sensing the situation might go out of control, Di approached him telling they were just trying to have some fun and did not want to hurt his sentiments. But Aarya wasn’t in the mood to let the matter go so easily and was heard saying, “Utna hi mazaak karo jitna koi bardaasht kar sake”. Hehehe! PeeCee much?! But trust me ghar ke patte patte kaanp gaye types moment!

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It clearly showed he did not like the idea of mazaak! Relax Aarya! I didn’t know your temper is so bad! It was just a joke nothing else! But just after a few minutes he cooled down and others realized their mistake too, they all hugged him and apologized once again, that was sweet! Others in the house discussed Aarya’s reaction and to have a little fun they teased him on one particular line he used which goes like “It is not a joke,damn!” They kept repeating it in front of him which eventually made Aarya laugh on himself! Hahahaha..well well all’s well that ends well!

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