Bigg Boss 8: What’s Happening Between Gautam And Sonali!

What's Happening Between Gautam And Sonali!

Bigg Boss 8’s latest love story in the house between Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut has been confusing viewers off late. It is clear that Sonali does not give a damn about Gautam and he does everything to grab some footage. Recently, Sonali expressed her desire to get to know Gautam and with Praneet Bhatt’s advice Gautam figured out she likes him and is interested in him, following which they slept on the same bed talking the whole night.

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What everyone did not expect was the budding romance to hit a road bump when Sonali told Praneet the next day that Gautam is a rowdy and that he does not know how to behave with girls. Following this Gautam spoke his heart out to Sonali and she seemed rather uncaring like she always seems. The next day we saw Gautam and Sonali together quite often but what grabbed eye balls was when, during the fashion show, Gautam and Sonali had eyes only for each other and it was like the others did not exist around them. Does this mean there is something really serious going on between the duo or is it just Gautam’s tactics to get more footage on Bigg Boss 8? Does Sonali really like Gautam or is she just going along with him to avoid creating any scene?

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