Bigg Boss 8: What’s cooking between Sonali and Gautam?

What's cooking between Sonali and Gautam

Bigg Boss 8 contestants Sonali has been in the limelight for all sorts of reasons these days. Be it her fight with Diandra or her closeness with Upen and Gautam, Sonali has experienced the highs and lows of the Bigg Boss house.

However, it seems that it is Sonali’s relationship with Gautam that is now flourishing as their quiet and intimate conversations can be witnessed in the house! Be it taking walks together or holding hands at varied times, love definitely seems to be in the air!

After Sushant confronted Sonali as to why she is not going ahead with Gautam when he really likes her, Sonali says that she feels Gautam is a little shy and he is not willing to talk openly about their chemistry.

She further elaborates that she does not understand how to approach him about her feelings.

However later in the night, Sonali is seen talking to Gautam in front of Praneet in the living room area. Sonali deliberately starts speaking to Praneet while Gautam listens, stating that she is not able to speak to Gautam about anything as she don’t know what he is thinking, clearing hinting to Gautam that she is starting develop feelings towards him.

Praneet then supports Sonali and asks Gautam as to why he is not saying anything to her about his feelings. Gautam simply dismisses the matter while saying, “Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai!”. Praneet then tells Gautam that, “Kabhi kabhi sabar karte karte phal pak jaata hai aur agar who sahi time per toda nahi gaya toh toot ke gir jayega!”.

Sonali hints that she wants to know Gautam more.
Gautam, however, pays heed to Praneet’s comment says that he will try to do something about it. Sonali then stands up and walks away telling Gautam that she is waiting for him.

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Gautam asks her to leave and that he will join her in a while. As the lights turn off, Gautam and Sonali are seen spending quality time together and chatting up while sharing the same bed. Clearly the loving relationship seems to be on the cards. Let’s see how it unfolds!

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