Bigg Boss 8: What the punished housemates did to Ali will amuse you!

Bigg Boss 8 What the punished housemates did to Ali will amuse you

One month down in the show, everyone looks to be quite settled inside (clap clap! ) While everyone is sharing and caring for each other with a little bit of drama and twists on various occasions (never mind! ), they have understood that they need not necessarily take everything seriously all the time. Well, ‘der aaye durust aaye!’. This is also a secret recipe to survival for a little longer in the house.

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To give an example ,on being punished by captain for entering late inside the house, despite being given repeated warnings; Sonali, Arya and Praneet were asked to stand in one side of the living room. However, the three were way too high on spirits and decided to add fun content to the same with a pinch of sarcasm towards the captain and sang ‘Duniya re Duniya very good very good’ trying their level best to irk the captain, so that they could be released off the dand. Well, what happened after that? What was captain Ali’s reaction?

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