Bigg Boss 8: What did Hrithik Roshan say to Puneet Issar

Bigg Boss 8 What did Hrithik Roshan say to Puneet Issar

As soon as Hrithik Roshan entered the Bigg Boss 8 house to celebrate the success of his movie ‘Bang Bang’, he startled the contestants by stating, Yahi woh jagah hai jahan kal yudh hua tha!

While stating the above, Hrithik simultaneously looked at Puneet implying that the fight happened between Praneet and him. A day before while doing a task, Puneet kicked the table. He got upset after Praneet deliberately tickled him and tried to open the chest, thereby pushing him away and making him fall on the ground.

However, Puneet clarified saying that, ‘bachchon ne hila diya tha mujhe’, to which Hrithik simply replied, ‘kabhi kabhi hilna achcha hota hai’.

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After hearing that Puneet chose not to say anything further and simply smiled.

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